So, there you were happily coding up a little snippet in Code Snippets. It was truly beautiful until you saved the latest tweak; and now your site is down and showing a fatal error. And you cannot access anything. And you have a client review in 2 minutes. And your world is about to end.

Don’t worry you’re not the first – here’s what to do:

In your address bar you will have something like:

Just add:


to the end and hit refresh. The page should come back to life. Reverse the last change and re-save, or if you do not know what you did hit Deactivate.

What do you mean you haven’t got the page open anymore? Go to:

And flip the switch on the offending snippet.

If that doesn’t work you can add


to any of the sites URLs and it should come back to life (if there is already a “?” in the URL change the one above for an “&”)