Green Goose Manor

- Since 1984 -

A collection of thoughts, insites and helpful resources from a web developer who likes to make sites work.

Who I am

I have been working with computers for many years. To give you an idea of how long, the first computer I ever used was turned on using a key and programmes were stored on casette tapes. Why ‘since 1984’? That was the year I wrote my first commercial programme. 

What I do

I suppose what I do is make designers look good. I worry about functionality, usablility and all the other bits that make people turn round to the designer and say “that looks really great!”. I am not a designer. The fluff and nonsense of cutting edge web design only works well when the site works well.

My specialities

I make sites work. I don’t do design as a rule, I can – but it’s not as fun as making things just work properly. I have been building and running eCommerce sites since the turn of the century, and commercial websites for even longer. Yes, some people in computing are actually that old! 

What's it about

There used to be things called books. I liked books. Now there is the internet. It’s proved that if you provide an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters they won’t write Shakespeare. Most of it is derivative drivel. This is my reference site, a collection of useful things I refer to regularly. They might help you too.

Where to start?

How about some basics? Every site needs some of those. Without good foundations you won’t build your empire. Find out about what I use on just about every site I build. Give yourself a headstart.